My cream smells so good, you will want to eat it. But, don't! Just rub Veronica's Secret Cream into your skin(all over): arms, hands, face, chest and neck, until the cream disappears. Then get ready to have your skin feel like satin. Guaranteed! And don't forget to rub the remaining cream into your hair. You will love the luster and healthiness of your hair. By the way, my cream is NOT just for women. Men also, love how it helps their skin feel soft.

Caution: Do not ingest essential oils. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy. If you are taking medication, please note, I do use a pinch of Grapefruit oil. A few drops in a complete batch (a batch fills about....25 jars).  Keep essential oils out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and any body opening. *****Always do a patch test.***

​​All over body cream that can even nourish your HAIR

2oz- Jars $14.50 <(includes shipping)

Local  Customers SALE>2 oz $12.00   1 oz  $10.00

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Yummy Lip Balm and Nasal Inhaler
  (if I have to ship> $5.00)

Lip Balm is sooooooooooooo yummy. The smell is of chocolate....sorry if you crave chocolate after smelling... ;0)
One Inhaler will last u  a very  l o n g  time....I guarantee you will breath soooooooooooo much better.
Can help: relieve sinus and nasal congestion. Also, upper respiratory allergies. Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil, pinch of Inula Graveolen sand GrapeSeed oil.
Keep out of reach of children.


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Veronica's Secret Cream

'Youthful Skin is just a jar away'

  So Yummy!!

Each Triple-whipped batch contains: Pure Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter. With Pure Essential oils: Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit oil (a natural preservative). Other pure oils include:

 Emu and Almond.

 Ingredients such as, Shea ButterCocoa Butter and Emu Oil contain many healing properties which can return the natural luster to skin and hair as well as aid in the healing of wounds, eczema, burns, rashes, severely dry skin. The anti-inflammatory compounds can assist in the healing of inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis and help reduce scarring. Almond oil relieves itchiness, soreness, rashes, dryness, irritation and burns. This oil is a wonderful, natural treatment for dry and damaged hair. Ancient Egyptians used almond oil in their hair to fortify strands and stimulate growth.
Just take a small amount from your jar; use the cute little Spatula. Place a small amount in the palm of your hand. 
Let it melt like butter and apply all over. Not just for face.... head to toe.

 Many of my ingredients have healing properties. ;0)

    My granddaughters (Kaitlyn and Kayelei) blessed me with the next 2 postings on my facebook               
These are the best things in the world. They're eucalyptus inhalers and they do wonders for stuffy noses and having a hard time breathing. They're my favorite things my Nana has been making me these for the longest time and I love them
. Kaitlyn


Now, here is a testimony to be so proud of...Granddaughter sent this to me... 
"I burnt my finger on the stove and my Nana put her cream on my finger. It worked wonders. My finger felt like I never burnt it".
These were posted on my Face Book
Hi friends...I'm happy to tell you I have found the perfect face and body cream! Not only is it all natural, free of parabens and incredibly creamy, it absorbs well and leaves your skin supple and nourished. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and in the winter I get these little dry bumps and my skin actually hurts...mainly my thighs. The Super cold days are always the worst. Last week we had several days with temperatures in the low 20's and since I just received this new cream I put it to the test. No dry skin! My skin actually stayed supple for 2 days! That is un-real for me! I spend a lot of money on skincare products and expensive lotions.....Veronica's cream works better than ANY cream I've ever used before....and being all natural it's a no-brainier! 
Try'll be happy you did!  
"Veronica's Secret" cream should not be so…a cream this great should not be a secret! I am a hairstylist/makeup artist and I need to look the part. This cream is the right amount of moisturizer. Any one product I can use on my face, lips, around eyes and the ends of my hair is a terrific deal with out the unknown chemicals in other creams.
"I absolutely love your cream. I gave a little bit to my hubby... (his skin was really dry & he also liked it). His lips have been dry also, so I had him use the lip balm you sent me & it worked great...better than the prescription balms you get in the drugstore.

I will be ordering more balm with my next cream." Marcia